)'( Denver DeCOmPression: City of Dark and Light )'(

 —  —

Casselmans Bar & Venue, 2620 Walnut St., Denver

Come one, come all to the City of Dark and Light, where mischief and mayhem run wild in our streets.

Within a single spark lives the ability to ignite an idea, a philosophy, and a culture which can erupt into a community, lighting the way to the masses. This beacon invites everyone to join together and become united in hope that darkness in our lives is temporary or at least as temporary as the light. We invite you to bring darkness or lightness and join us in celebration.

This year the event is growing, expanding and becoming a city all its own. From our technicolor dance hall to the darkened corridors of the NEW fire garden, we have expanded our domain to excite your pleasures. We have a new neighborhood for you to explore along with camps, crafts, community, and dancing.

Out of the daily darkness comes one single truth that a single spark has brought us all together. The city of Dark and Light welcomes all who enter our gates.


City of Dark and Light Denver Decompression 2015 An Urban Street Fair & Celebration


Saturday, October 10, 2015 10/10/15 2 PM to 2 AM

Location: Casslemans (2620 Walnut Street Denver) + the alley between 26th and 27th + 26th St. between Walnut and Larimer Over 30,000 SF of indoor and outdoor space!

3 Sound Stages. Live & interactive art, performers, fire dancers, art cars, costumes, food trucks & more. Huge indoor and outdoor areas with room for 2000+ people. Tons of space for art, sound, creativity and playa love -- all surrounded by the beauty of our incredible city. SO much more than just a party… and something for everyone in our amazing, diverse community!!

Kids and teens welcome during the day. 18+ only after 10 PM

Ins and outs OK.

BRC Couture Highly Encouraged!!

See the music and performers schedule here, (coming soon)


Tickets available at Casselman's starting at 2 pm on Saturday. First come/first served. $30 cash/ $33 credit. For more info go to DenverBurners.Org


This event is brought to you by the members of the Denver Regional Decompression Steering Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/293540994052929/