[presented by Kittyland Love Center]

Important announcements to be followed by cheeseburgers and beats - all residents welcome! Come on down and enjoy a tasty sunset supper with a view and a tumbler well drink [B.Y.O.Tumbler]. Gonna fire up tha bar and grill at 6, but encourage picnickers to arrive as early as noon... Come prepare for the burn with us, and/or get wild with us after!

Manning the booth:

1200-1330 ~ Curious George [indie dance/house/disco] 1330-1500 ~ Marcus [whateva he wants!] 1500-1700 ~ The Funbuns Faction [house] 1700-1900 ~ Christine West [whateva she wants!] 1900-2000 ~ Lone Dancer [techno/house] 2000-2100 ~ Bones [house/techno] 2100-2300 ~ BURN! 2300-0030 ~ Miz Astrid [progressive] 0030-0200 ~ Charlie Koval [house] 0200-LATE ~ Kittyland DJs