Paradox, 1310 Russell St., Baltimore

"This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts" - Faithless "If God is a DJ, Then life is a dance floor so. Get your ass on the dance floor now" - Pink

2AM comes too soon in a city that doesn't sleep!


$10 Cover @ Door | $8 With Wristband,Stamp, or Ticket from another show. | 18+ Party | NO ALCOHOL, JUST GOOD VIBES! |

For all you party monsters that roam about the wee hours of the morning, searching for more party after the clubs and bars have closed, join us bredren and sistren at THE MIDNIGHT MASS!

3 Rooms of Sound at this Multi-Genre All Nighter!

Main/Front Room

11:30pm - 1am: Endiezy 1am - 2am: JennyGO 2am - 3am: Miz Astrid 3am - 4am: bassphreaK 4am - 5am: Figment 5am - 6am: Elemental

B-Boy Court

11:30pm - 1am: Gh057 1am - 2am: Kidd Khaos 2am - 3am: JLush 3am - 4am: EquaLies 4am - 5am: Angelalala 5am - 6am: 5picy

Back Room

11:30pm - 1am: Soular 1am - 2am: Ronstoppable 2am - 3am: The Twitch Effect (Mikey Peelmore & Lexx Black on the MC biz!) 3am - 4am: The Normal Trade 4am - 5am: Happy Daze 5am - 6am: Desis and Drosera

Presented by CWPR, Baltimore Music Collective, Baltimore City Ravers & Dark Matter with promotional help & support from Essence Productions, Ninja Productions & Flock Baltimore