Party at J-Roc's Crib! [LICENSED]

Kittyland Love Center, Apogaea, Bailey, CO

[presented by Kittyland Love Center]

J-Roc's Mom is outta town, so it's time to have a party...maybe we'll get lucky and convince Bubbles to freestyle! We're gonna party all night, and everyone's invited, knowm sayin'? Get ready for some down-home backyard grooves that run the gamut...

DJ's rockin' tha ones and twos [and threes?]

1330-1500 ~ Tess & Miz Astrid [downtempo/trip-hop/chill-out] 1500-1600 ~ mR spaCe monKey [nu disco] 1600-1730 ~ Brandon Chase [house] 1730-1930 ~ Starch [DnB] 1930-2100 ~ Tom Schoppet [future garage/tech house] 2100-2300 ~ BURN! 2300-0100 ~ TT & Starch [DnB] 0100-0230 ~ Nutmeg [techno] 0230-0400 ~ Tess [techno] 0400-0600 ~ Miz Astrid [house/tech] 0600-0900 ~ Charlie Koval [house]