Colorado Burnal Equinox : Doing It Wrong

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Fusion Factory, 3563 Walnut St., Denver

Welcome to The Colorado Burnal Equinox. Colorado's latest official sanctioned Burning Man event.

March 12th from 2pm-3am Since this falls on the time change, when we close at 2 it will actually be 3AM.

This is a community produced event. What gifts do you have that you want to share with your community? How will you give them and how will you participate? Have you signed up for a shift on our volunteer sign up form at

This community has been so awesome by getting involved and sharing thier skills, gifts and time to help bring you this BRAND NEW EVENT.

We are bringing you some of Colorado's best and brightest DJs, some of the most incredible art, some mind blowing performances and most importantly YOU!!! This is YOUR event to make it what you want to.